Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia


Dusted Minnie, or Broken Spirit Photo-Negative Minnie is an antagonist in the game called, The Old Tunnel of Spirits, and is also another soul trapped in a Deserted Photo-Negative Minnie costume. She only appears on Night 7, or the Custom Night.


Dusted Minnie is basically a Deserted Photo-Negative Minnie costume, however, her body has a desertedly dusty/dirty look, and a melted face look. Parts of her face is going across her mouth, nearly covering the whole mouth. Her eyes have a orangish color-tint, and she has a bigger jaw. She also lacks both arms. Her expression is honestly hideous, and pained.

- She also has smaller type of 2 ears. Compared to Photo-Negative Minnie's ears.

- Her left eye-hole is bigger than the right eye-hole. She also has an orangish color-tint on her legs, and her shoes are a bit darker.

- Curiously, if jumpscaring the player, her eyes would be colored white. Due to modeling error.


Dusted Minnie will start in the Mascot Room 2, standing next to the wall of the doorway. Before leaving, she will look at the camera if she activates. Compared as Broken Spirit Minnie; She will wander directly toward the Office, and moves very quickly.

If Dusted Minnie appears in the Office, she will be seen in front of the desk (which like Photo-Negative Minnie), with her arms out. Either hide under the desk, or hide in the locker to prevent her to kill you. If they fail to do so in time, Dusted Minnie will attack the player.