Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

Dying is a fan made humanoid in Abandoned: Discovery Island.


He first appears as a big, black blob. He then forms into more human like, but his legs are still a blob. He then finally forms into a black humanoid. He looks similar to Undying except black.


Dying first appears in Pirates Cavern Floor 2. He appears as a black blob next to Undying's cage. Once he turns to his almost complete form, he will become active and follow the player around. The player must run or he will kill you. He can also turn to his complete form and chase you around. He rarely appears on Night 4 starting on the Roof. He first starts as a black blob, but when you put the monitor down and see the blob drop down, it forms into his complete form. The player must hide or shut off the power or he will kill you.


Dying can appear on Pirates Cavern Floor 2. On night 4, he starts on the Roof, and then the Office.


  • Dying might be a clone or alternate version of Undying.
  • He could be connected to Disney X.
  • Unlike Undying, he can form into anything.