Dyson Gregory (Humanoid)

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Dyson Greory Like Monster.

Dyson Gregory is a Humanoid that appears in Floor 3 of Pirate Caverns, and in Night 6.


His appearence is the same as the one of Henry. But he's Red, Purple, and Yellow.


He appears in Pirate Caverns. If you look at him for 1 minute, He say:

-Don't worry. I'm not to hurt you-

-My name is Dyson, and you should know something-

-The suits movement-

-That's what it's called-

-A White Figure gave life to the Suits because of one reason-

-Because you did it-

-You caused problems to this company in the past. So a White Figure gave life to this suits-

-It's your fault-

-Now, Go ahead!-

-Tell NO ONE!-

-You should end all bad things you did-

-Go, Jake-

He also appears in Night 6. But as a cameo. He rarely appears in the office. He's not gonna jumpscare the player.



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