"Jokes Ahead"
This following page is a joke page, and is not meant to be taken seriously, in any way, shape or form. This page's content may also wildly vary and NOT pertain to the subject of A:DI or FNaTI. Thank you for reading this warning.

Edgy Mickey is a joke character for Abandoned: Discovery Island.


Edgy Mickey has the appearance of the original Mickey Mouse, but he wears emo clothing.


Edgy Mickey becomes active on Night 5. When he enters the Office, hide under the Desk to make him go away.


Edgy Mickey will start in Character Prep 1, then enter random rooms until he eventually enters the Office.

Voice Lines

*"Nobody loves me..."

*"Nobody cares..."

*"I have crippling depression..."


*Villager8 has officially run out of ideas.

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