Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia


Electric is a fan-made suit in Abandoned: Discovery Island.


He looks similar to MickMick, but he is covered in electricity and has ability to interact with electric things.


He starts from Janitor's Closet, then teleports to Meat Freezer, then goes to the Lounge and moves to The Office. The player must shut off power to make him go away. If the player doesn't do that, Electric will eventually disable the power for the rest of the night.


He goes into these locations in order:

  • Janitor's Closet
  • Meat Freezer
  • Lounge
  • The Office


  • He is the only suit which he does not attack at all.
  • The reason why he skips bathrooms, because he hates water.
  • The reason why shutting off power works on him because, he is an electric mouse.