Employee 1 is one of the dead employees and an antagonist on Abandoned: Discovery Island.


According to his profile, he is a 26 year old man who worked with setting up props. He has Blue eyes and brown hair. He is 5'9 feet tall and his sex is male. He also wore a blue vest as a employee uniform. He also worn blue jeans and black shoes. According to the SSA, He now appear to be a blue spirit haunting the prototype Mickey costume.


He haunts Proto Mickey and takes control of him. There is a cut scene that shows him inside Proto Mickey walking to the office and then greeting Jake talking about the incident and how it feels to be trapped inside a suit and can't escape. Purity then comes and explains that the after the incident, the suits were brought to life and are now very aggressive ending up killing a few employees including him. She then apologize to Employee 1 about this and then Jake says it's his own fault for what happened and then apologizes. Purity then tells Jake to leave the island in peace to end the suits aggression and make everything better. Employee 1 then says if she can release him from the suit but she said she can't. She and Jake then both leave as he said " Wait... don't go.. I want to get out of this torment.... please don't go..... guys.... are you still there?"


Employee 1 appears inside Proto Mickey.


  • When the SSA saw a blue spirit and claiming it's employee 1, it's believed to be him floating around before being trapped inside Proto Mickey.
  • Employee 1's real name is Randal garrison.
  • Both Jake and Purity are the reason why him and the other 2 employees are killed because Jake caused the incident and Purity giving life to suits to attack Jake, but instead the 3 employees.
  • Employee 1 was sealed inside Proto Mickey.
  • He takes control and haunts Proto Mickey.
  • There is an event that rarely happens when looking at Proto Mickey, you can see his head off, revealing Employee 1's spirit head and face.
  • Each employee plays their own important role in the game's story.
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