Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

Employee 2 is a fan made human on Abandoned: Discovery Island.


His real name is Samuel Kinderston and he was an employee at Discovery Island. He was a scientist who did experiment on somethings and even teach kids how to do labs. However before the island was abandoned, an incident came along when another scientist accidentally spilled some sort of plant chemical on him, which turned him into a swamp monster. He killed 8 people and was later restrained inside a big cage and was forced to be locked there forever. When the Island got abandoned, he was still in the cage. But then one day when the SSA came in, he found a way to set himself free. Now the SSA must investigate on the laboratory and the incident that came along before the island was abandoned.


He appears to be a 32 year old man with blue jeans and a blue shirt. He also wears a lab coat and glasses. He has brown eyes and black hair according to his background.


Due to him becoming the Swamp Monster, he has the same behavior as him.


Employee 2 starts in the Laboratory inside the Swamp Monster trapped in a cage.


Employee 2 was the second employee of the island.

It's currently unknown if he would turn back to his old self.