Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia


He Is A Worker That Call You On Nightmare Mode In Abandoned Discovery Island,But He Died On Night 5


He Was Stuffed In A Mickey Suit Named Torent Mickey


Night 1 "Hellllo There My Name Is Peter Johnson, Im Johnson Family, My House Is On San Andreas, So You New Huh? Well Theres A Mickey Suit But Inverted So He Has Yellow Blood, So If He Come To Your Office, You Must Shut Off Camera Or He Kill You, Oh Yeah Dont Forget This, Theres A Donald Head Can Make A Loud Noise, So If You See Him, You Must Shut Off Camera Too, Good Luck" Night 2 "Hello Again Im Peter Johnson Again, Yeah So Theres A Oswald But His Color Are Black, If He Come To Your Office, You Must Shut Off Camera, He Maybe Go Dark Spot, Making Hard To See Him, Yeah He Start On Storage Room, So Storage Room Is Oswald Start, Also Theres A Minnie Mouse Suit But Inverted Too, If You See Her, You Must Shut Off Camera Ok, Good Luck" Night 3 "Hellllllo Again, So How You Day? Good Hah? Yes Im Good Too, Theres A Distorted Version Of Mickey Mouse, He Start On Roof Or Outside Camera, If You See Him, You Must Hide And He Go Away, So This is Getting Bad As Well, Also A Human But All Skin Are Red And Faceless, He Start On Meat Freezer, If You See Him, You Must Shut Off Power, Wait I Talk Greg First Good Luck" Night 4 "Yes Im Back, So I Talk Greg But He Gone For No Reason, I Found A Note But The Text Are Weird, So If You See A Ortensia Without Hand, You Must Shut Off Camera, Because Only Shut Off Camera Can Do Prevent Her, Also Theres A Grayscale Mickey Mouse With Black Eye, Someone Said Its From A Creepypasta Named suicidemouse.avi Yeah Is Pretty Weird Video To Be Honest, If You See Him, You Must Shut Off Camera Too, Oh Yeah I Will Search Greg First, Good Luck" Night 5 "Ok Im Feeling So Weird Now, I Found A Mickey Suit With Green Face And Missing Right Hand, Oh No No No, Go Away Please, Please Sparreee Me.......... Help Me Jake I Cant Handle This, Please Help, Oh N-*A Jumpscare Sound Of Greg Can Be Hearing* Night 6 ".yako vevirsu os, tareg tius esuom yekcmi a deffuts gnttieg mi" Reversed Im Getting Stuffed By A Mickey Mouse Suit Great, So Survive Okay"


  • He Was A Johnson Family In San Andreas As He Said, San Andreas Is Location Of Grand Theft Auto:San Andreas
    • Is Currently Unknown If Carl Johnson Has Wife And Have Child
  • Some Times In Fnati Finale You Can Hear Distorted And Reversed Version Of Night 3 Call