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"Listen...The entrance doors are locked, you can't get out..I...I would come for you but the Docks are closed at this time at night, try and survive, i'll be there at 6AM!"-Phone Guy, Night 8


The Entrance Room is the room where People enter Treasure Island, but now that the Island is abandoned, the Room began to fall to bits, so it is now in a messed up look, the lights work luckily.


The Entrance Room's appearance is a big room, with a ragged up carpet in the middle, which leads to a desk.

The right of the room has a door a bit opened with a light shining in from the next room.

There are couches and tables throughout the room. Also wires hanging out the ceiling.


The Characters which can enter this room are:


  • The Suits can only rarely appear in this Room
  • This room is Undying's starting point, his pose looking like he walked in.
  • When Undying enters, a door slam sound can be heard without the Building, showing that Undying has entered.