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Evil Photo-Negative Mickey is a fan-made antagonist in Abandoned: Discovery Island.


Evil Photo Negative Mickey is an Antagonist in Abandoned: Discovery Island He is very similar to Photo Negative Mickey, except he looks more whitered, and apparently, is a robot, judging by the wires(?) he has on his missing parts.


He acts similar to Photo Negative Mickey, except more aggresively and in a more rushed way. He starts in "Photo-Negative Room" (Renamed from Evil Photo Negative Mickey Room) and proceeds to the Roof where he can be seen from the vent, he will then go straight to The Office similar to The Face, when he is on The Office, he can be seen in the dark with his glowing eye, the player must quickly shut off a camera to lure him away. IF the player neglects to do this, he will kill them.

When Moving, Evil P. N. Mickey will say the following:

  • "I will make you see my head come off"
  • "You won't last"
  • "My brother is not even the half of what i am."

It's presumed he is an Animatronic, but it's still unknown information.


He looks like a Normal Photo Negative Mickey Mouse suit, however, he gained a red light on his left eye, he wears an eyepatch on his right eye and he looks in a very whitered state, it is unknown if he is an Animatronic, because he has Wires (?) coming out from his missing hand and feet, he also has teeth and a scar.


He will start on his Photo Negative Room and proceed to go to the Roof, then The Office. His room seems to be connected to the Roof to let Evil P. N. Mickey head to the office that fast. Very weirdly, he can be seen on The Meat Freezer and Pirate Caverns Entrance.


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  • Evil PN Mickey's Promo was made by User: Mateo the Rabbit
  • It is believed that Evil P. N. Mickey is Photo Negative Mickey's lost* brother, this is not comfirmed yet.
  • The quote "You won't last" is a reference to True Mickey's "You won't last long".
  • He somehow reaches the Roof that fast. Presumably, because his Room is connected with the roof.
  • He MIGHT be an Animatronic.
  • He is believed to kill the guard by forcing his head on the guard. Probably.