Evil Suicide Mouse is a fan-made antagonist In Abandoned Discovery Island


His left Ear is Gone, Half of his Right ear is chipped. He has Bright Red Eyes and is Crying black liquid. He still has the original Suicide Mouse Clothing.


He will first start On the Roof and then Move to the Lounge. You must Hide under the Desk for him to leave, However, if you fail to do so in under 5 Seconds, this will result in a Jumpscare.


  • "Burn-In Hell..."
  • "Your Soul Will Be Mine..."
  • "Suffer..."
  • *Secret Quote* "Help Me..."


  • There Is a Demon Inside this Suit.
  • He was Planned to be a Secret but this Idea Was Scrapped.
  • He was to Start Moving at 12 AM Right when the Night Started.
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