Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

"Don't waste your door battery, as there's someone who will hang out with you a little longer than usual. So, use your doors carefully."

- Unknown Caller (Mentioning Experiment Acephalous)

Experiment Acephalous is an antagonist in "Treasure Island: Mouse-Napped".


Experiment Acephalous resembles his Nightmare Before Disney appearance, especially the red pants. Experiment Acephalous is wearing some-sort of spiked contraption around his neck, along with a broken chain. Experiment Acephalous also has a sharp-gloved hand, and a circular saw replacing his right hand. The right side of Experiment Acephalous' yellow vest is torn.


Experiment Acephalous was created by an unknown person as a killing machine, specifically made to kill the player.

Experiment Acephalous is seen sitting in the Lounge, and at 2AM, he will move to the Storage Room, Hallway 01, Boiler Room, Hallway 02, Hallway Corner, and Office Entrance 01. Experiment Acephalous moves slowly, simply because he is a difficult character to avoid.

When standing at the left door, he will stay there for a while, causing the player to occasionally open the door to see if he's there. It may take a long time, but he will leave eventually.


Transcript Audio Plays When
"Hear me..."
Walking around the facility.
"Hear me." (Quiet)
Appearing in the left doorway.
"I thought you loved me."
Walking around the facility.
"Do you think leaving me here,'would prove anything?"
Walking around the facility.
"I called for help, but you didn't listen!"
Walking around the facility.
When he catches the player.