Experiment Face is an antagonist in "Treasure Island: Mouse-Napped".


Experiment Face resembles his normal self, except he has long pointed ears, a wide opened sharp-toothed mouth, large eye-sockets with blue eyes, one of which is hanging out. Experiment Face also has no legs, but very lanky arms topped with large hands.


Experiment Face was created by an unknown person as a killing machine, specifically made to kill the player.

Experiment Face will be seen laying in the Freezer, sleeping behind a box, unseen from the camera's perspective. At 1AM, he will wake up and make his way to the Hole Entrance, and will eventually pop out of the hole, the player must shine their light in his face to make him go away.


Transcript Audio Plays When...
*Demonic screeching*
Shining a light in his face.
*Demonic Screeching*
Shining a light in his face.
*Demonic Screeching*
Shining a light in his face.
Experiment Face Jumpscare


When he catches the player.
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