Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

"Oh, and one last eensy, teensy, weensy, little detail. One of your friends will be hunting you tonight, he's one strong and heavy specimen, but he isn't so smart. If he gets near your office, just close the door, he'll leave you alone"

- Unknown Caller (Mentioning Experiment Mickey)

Experiment Mickey is the secondary main antagonist in "Treasure Island: Mouse-Napped".


Experiment Mickey is a hulking dump-truck of a suit. Experiment Mickey does resemble Mickey Mouse, except he has large pointed ears, furrowed, angry eyebrows, and two differently colored pupils. Experiment Mickey is very bulky and big, the biggest out of all the Experiment Suits. Experiment Mickey also has white sharp-tipped gloves with yellow shoes and spikes at the bottom of them.


Experiment Mickey was created by an unknown person as a killing machine, specifically made to kill the player.

Experiment Mickey will start, sleeping in the Storage Room. At 3AM, Experiment Mickey will get up, and move to Hallway 01, then the Experiment Chambers, the Hallway Corner, and then the Office Entrance.

When Experiment Mickey is at the Office Entrance, he will be spotted in the doorway, and the player must quickly close the industrial door, to prevent Experiment Mickey from entering the office.


Transcript Audio Plays When...
"Hi there!"
Appearing at the left doorway.
"He isn't nice."
Walking around the facility.
Walking around the facility.
Walking around the facility.
When he catches the player.