Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

"Well well well... you made it to your second night here. Two more of your friends are coming out to play tonight. Ya' know the saying "See no evil"? Well, that should be a hint for you. And also, it's difficult to see, so make sure to keep a close eye for him on the cameras, if you are too quick he may pop out and say hello. I'll see you tomorrow my little test subject... maybe..."

- Unknown Caller (Mentioning Experiment Oswald)

Experiment Oswald is an antagonist in "Treasure Island: Mouse-Napped".


Experiment Oswald resembles his normal self in FNaTI, except for the fact that it has four long, sharp clawed arms, large droopy ears, a face with no eyes, but melted rips taking their place. Experiment Oswald also has six red, spiked teeth. Experiment Oswald also has long sharp three-toed feet.


Experiment Oswald was created by an unknown person as a killing machine, specifically made to kill the player.

Experiment Oswald starts sleeping in the storage room, and at 2AM, he will get up, and move to Hallway 01, and then the Boiler Room, Hallway 02, Hallway Corner, and then the right door of the office.

When Experiment Oswald is at the Office Entrance, he will be spotted in the right doorway, and the player must quickly close the industrial door, to prevent Experiment Oswald from entering the office.


Transcript Audio Plays When...
"Bless your soul."
Appearing in the right doorway.
"Don't bless this one."
Walking around the facility.
"God? Where are you God?"
Walking around the facility.
"God? God? God?"
Walking around the facility.
When he catches the player.