Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

"Someone will be stopping by your office to say hello... don't keep her waiting! You also might want to keep her in place by shining your light at her."

- Unknown Caller (Mentioning Experiment PN Minnie)

Experiment Photo-Negative Minnie is an antagonist in "Treasure Island: Mouse-Napped".


Experiment Photo-Negative Minnie resembles her FNaTI counterpart, except she has a split-open mouth, one large eyelid. Experiment Photo-Negative Minnie also has elongated black gloves, a spiked skirt, and long legs with big shoes.


Experiment Photo-Negative Minnie was created by an unknown person to kill the player.

Experiment PN Minnie will begin, sitting in the Back Room, and slowly throughout the night, she will start moving to the exit of the room. After leaving, and going to the Hallway 02 camera, you will see her running towards the office, the player must close the door in-time. The player can also stop Experiment PN Minnie by shining the light at her on a camera while she is in a moving state, she we will then return to the starting position.


Transcript Audio Plays When...
Running down the hall.
When she catches the player.