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Original character by kawaii dezu and Budgie2712.

Collab made by kawaii dezu.

Writer: kawaii dezu.

Voice Actor: Tomato MickMick

Model by: Budgie2712.

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Extremely happy mouse is like Happy Mouse and Smile Mouse together. He's teeth are inside his mouth like Smile Mouse and has long cheeks because of it's smile.


He goes the same way that Suicide Mouse. First Broadcasting Room. While in the room the TV will be red static. Then, the Character Prep 1, Staff Area then Meat Freezer and finally goes to The Office. While moving he's much faster than Suicide Mouse. When he's in The Office, you have 2 sec with the monitor down and 8 sec with the monitor up, till he jumpscares you. The only way to get him out of your office is to hide under your desk for 3 - 5 seconds, then, he will go away.

He's not much a problem when it comes to power off, like much shades, you'll need to hide.

While moving, he says this:

  • "Nothing is more fun than killing."
  • "Why aren't you happy."
  • "That makes me smile."
  • "You should be happy."
  • "What is sadness?"
  • He could also do the scream from Suicidemouse.avi.

voices when he kills you

  • all you had to do is smile
  • no more fun
  • too bad


  • Extremely happy mouse is somebody Jake used to know but he doesn't remember him.
  • Extremely happy mouse is inspired by Happy Mouse, Really Happy Mouse and Smile Mouse.
  • Extremely happy mouse's voice is completely slowdown like PN Minnie and distorted.
  • When Extremely happy mouse jumpscares you, you will have a 15% of the game crashing.


"Nothing is more fun than killing"

"Why aren't you happy?"

"What is sadness?"

"That makes me smile."

"You should be happy."

This what says when he's kills you.

"All you has to do is smile!"

"No... More... Fun..."

"Too bad..."

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