Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia


Eyesore Face is one of the suits that has been possessed by the other people that sadly met the demise in the bomb shelter. also this if for a game idea of mine called "fnati: mickeys revenge"


eyesore face looks similar to his original counterpart but the right half of his face is completely black, and his left arm is covered in a black goop. His right ear is replaced by a large spike, he also has yellow blood seeping out of his right eye


eyesore face only appears in the vent, but unlike eyesore willy who you can see his face poke out to tell you that you should close the vent eyesore face doesn't poke his head out. You must close the vent while he is in the vent or he will kill you


  • "it was never a good thing to come here"
  • "there was a reason why were abandoned you know"
  • "we don't need any help attacking you"


the hint for eyesore face is: "one suit that goes in the vent doesn't poke there head out. Better watch the vent cam!"