Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia


eyesore mick mick is one of the suits that has been possessed by the other people that sadly met the demise in the bomb shelter. also this if for a game idea of mine called "fnati: mickeys revenge"


eyesore mick mick looks like his original counterpart but his legs are replaced with large skewers. His head is still intact but he has multiple eyes in each socket and he also has a 3rd eye that's green he also is missing his left ear and it's replaced by a spike


eyesore mick mick starts in the "suit storage 03" and then will go into the "boiler room" (note there is a hole on the floor in the office that he appears in) if he is seen emerging out of the hole quickly go to the boiler room and raise the temperature above 50 by pressing ether "1" or "2" on your keyboard


  1. "this was never a safe place"
  2. "time to pay for your mistakes Thomas!" note: in fnati" mickeys revenge the person you play as is called Thomas
  3. "we'll give you a beating you don't wanna remember!"
  4. "abandoned by Disney!"
  5. "you don't give up that quick I see?"
  6. "you'll always lose to us you'll see"


the hint for eyesore mick mick is: a particular mickey suit likes the place hot