Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia


eyesore pn mickey is one of the suits that has been possessed by the other people that sadly met the demise in the bomb shelter. also this if for a game idea of mine called "fnati: mickeys revenge"


eyesore pn mickey looks like his original counterpart but his colors are very darkened down and he has many holes on his chest, and there are multiple warts on his body and here are spikes on both feet


he appears in the boiler room but if he appears in the office you must lower the temperature by 36 but if both him and Eyesore mickmick are in the office you must reset the boiler to get rid of them


  • hey
  • HEY
  • "Id like to see your head come off"
  • "why are we even here?"


the hint for eyesore pn mickey is: a particular suit likes the place a little cooler