Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia


eyesore willy is one of the suits that has been possessed by the other people that sadly met the demise in the bomb shelter. also this if for a game idea of mine called "fnati: mickeys revenge"


eyesore willy looks similar to willy but he is missing his face and his left leg, he also has multiple eyes in this face cavity and he also has teeth at the end of his tail. he has multiple spikes on his right arm and he also found his hat and is wearing it


eyesore willy starts in the "toxic waste deposit" (this is possibly why he has these mutations.) where he is seen sitting on a barrel, then he will move to the "waste deposit entry" cam where he is seen just looking down at a mickey poster on the floor. the will then shamble into "suit storage 01" where he is seen going into a ventilation shaft, and finally he will go into the "vent shaft 02" cam which is right in front of the office you must close the vent to get rid off him


  1. "the clock doesn't dismiss you. we do"
  2. "I found my hat now where's that boat"
  3. "I will not make any eye puns EYE will not"
  4. "what eye fell out of my face now?!"
  5. " people constantly ask "willy what dat mouth do?" well... it's not the mouth that's the most gruesome part of my body take a guess..."
  6. " I think you don't belong here"

note that his voice is really echoed


  1. he will appear in a game called "fnati mickey"s revenge"
  2. he has a lot of companions but I will talk about them later
  3. it's unknow how he can stand up with only one leg
  4. eyesore willy while he is in the vent can actually attract other mickey suits to your location


the hint that pops up for when eyesore willy is active is: "the vent gives you air but close it if you see someone pop out"