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"Jokes Ahead"
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Fat Ortensia is a fan made joke character in Abandoned: Discovery Island, before she was removed from game for real good.


She looks similar to her normal counterpart, but she is fat.


She starts from Lounge, peeking out from couch, then moves to Meat Freezer and finally reaches your Office. You need to shut off camera to stop her. Failing to do so will result in a stupid joke, eating you to death.

Reasons of removal

  • Since creator didn't like it, she was removed from the game.
    • Ortensia was mad for that.
      • alot of people thought she was pregnant so they ship her with classic Oswald and made fan made children of her and Oswald


  • She served as one of the joke characters before Derp Ortensia replaced her.
  • She doesn't speak at all.
  • Her base model was made by DaMikel.
  • The reason why she is fat is unknown. Possibly she ate hamburgers. That's why she was named Fat Ortensia.
    • It's unknown since Fat Ortensia loves or gets addicted to hamburgers.
  • She also planned to appear in Pirate Caverns, but that idea was scrapped.
    • She would have replaced Undying with 50% chance.
  • Her starting location was originally Caverns Entrance.
  • She might make a return in latest updates of A:DI.
    • However, this was proven false.