Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

Father is a fan made antagonist on Abandoned: Discovery Island.


Father used to be a man on the Island, but later died. He then later found love, which was God. They both got married and raised the toons who were given life by god. But later, they both fight over control of the Island as Father wanted control, but God refused him to take over. The two got divorced and he created his own army to defeat God.


He appears to be a black figure of a man with a face.


At night 1, if the player mutes the phone call and types in "Father", then they will get a phone call from Father and he will say " Hello, you must be the new night guard from the SSA, I know who you are, your name is Jake Smith and you took the place of Henry after an incident has came, well anyways I need your help, I need you to help me get control from the island, but you have to avoid the evil toons from God's wrath. For the Photo Negative suit, shut off a camera, or hide, but hope you're lucky to survive. If it's too much, shut off the power, but watch out, he will become a shade. Flash him a few times and he will go away, anyways Jake, hope you can survive and help me control this island".

After you complete the night, God will show up and tell you this " Hello Jake, I won't hurt you, but I have to warn you about something, that man who called you used to be the one I married, he was a charming man, I brought these toons to life and raised them as our own children. But then one day, he wanted to take over this island, I said no and then we got divorced, he got really mad and created his own army out of either ink or from a dead person. So please don't do what he says and listen to me, and watch out, he might send one of his men after you so he can get control of this island. So good luck Jake and survive the other nights" She then disappear.

On night 2, Father will appear and say " So you talked with God eh? Well guess what Jake, I will not let her and you stop me from taking over this island! I will send at least one or two of my men after you to stop you! So good luck, from me..... Father.." He then disappears.


Father is only seen in the Office.

Father's Men

Masked Mouse(Night 2)

Terrorglass(Night 2)

Lampredator(Night 3)

The Incinerator(Night 3)

Goofy Splicer(Night 4)

Slesher(Night 4)

Controlled Photo Negative Mickey(Night 5)

Mech Disney(Night 5)


He used to God's husband, but before divorcing her and moving on.

He could be more dangerous than God, but not as dangerous as Disney X.

He is the only one to have his own men on his side.