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Fear Mouse in an antagonist and an unofficial character in Abandoned: Discovery Island


He is a distorted Mickey (a recolor of True Mickey). He has got black gloves and a blue-similar colour on his pants, red face, gray ears, bloody-red shoes and a pair of distorted human eyes.


It's like Golden Freddy in FNaF in certain aspects. It begins in Entrance Caverns and moves through the Transmission Room, Character Preparation 1, Personnel Area, Meat Freezer, then it can be a The Roof Room or. If you move to The Roof, it will be heard here and you can go back to the meat freezer, but if you do not, you will often hear the sound of the metal after you enter the office. If you enter The Lounge, you will go to the office normally. Once you are in the office, you will make the lights blink and generate hallucinations of a second of it. Listen under the table for three seconds if you do not want me to kill you. You only have 4 seconds to react after the partner with a jump of a single frame. If the power is cut off, he can also attack. If you see his hallucinations of raction of a second,

Curious Data

  • Occasionally when you are in Floor Three of Pirate Caverns you will see his hallucination.
  • When he is in a camera, it changes for The Roof with red-pitched colours and a semi-transparent Fear Mouse's face.
  • If you don't hide under the desk when he is on the office, he will do not kill you instantly, he will do it passed 5 seconds.


  • He is just a recolor of MickMick and True Mickey images.
  • budgie got the idea after he saw Blood Mouse.
  • the original owner was my friend budgie2712
  • There are like 1000+ OCs of Mickeys in FNaTI and other games.


"I'm free... Once again..."

"Somebody feels fear, I am going to calm him down"

"I'm your deepest fears... In FLESH..."

"I know it, you will wake up from this nightmare... You will wake up DEAD..."

"Don't be shy... Soon you'll be with me... SMILING!"

"This is true FEAR"

"I'm a burning memory of what you did"

"I was always been hiding in your shadow from that day..."



Fear Mouse in a camera.

Fear Mouse's Hallucination (Pirate Caverns and Office)

Fear Mouse's Jumpscare (Same sound than Undying, but low pitched)