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Finale Night was the final playable night in Abandoned: Discovery Island until it got removed from the game.


The player must complete every night (including Night 6, Custom Night (excluding All Max Mode) and etc.) to unlock this night. Once they did that, they need to wait on the title screen for a while in order to make Unknown Entity appear. If he appears, the only option will be avaliable is "THE END". Once they click it, the night will begin.


Unknown Entity mimicks many character movements as mentioned above. The player must deal with him quickly to prevent him from jumpscaring them. (see his page for mechanics)


Once the player managed to survive, the 6 AM screen will glitch, and Unknown Entity will jumpscare the player, eventually causing a black out and then the game crashes. Once they reopen it, they can see him leaving the island, showing "THE END" on ending screen. Once they get to the title screen, a "100%" trophy will appear, meaning that they completed the game.


  • This night was added in a new update, because the creator was bored.
  • It is hard to unlock this night, since the player needs to complete every nights, and they are harder to beat.
  • This is the only night where Unknown Entity mimicks many character movements, while on the regular nights he acts like normal suits.
  • Originally there was gonna be another character, but since Unknown Entity is much creepier, the creator decided to add him in this night.
  • This night is based of Phantom Ian's night from FNaS: Maniac Mania.
  • This night is removed on the latest update, because it's no longer canon in Rosti's version of Abandoned: Discovery Island. But the creator left the character in this game for some reason.