Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia


When the Disney Land closed down, the cutscene of a newspaper saying: HELP WANTED! Mickey and Co. Warehouse. The shift start at 12 AM until 9 AM, Payout:100000000$. The Job Not Responsibility, Death, Pain and Suffering, Call Us: 1-2220 Mickey-8096, ''Wow, what a cool job. i have to call it now'' As You Say.


  • Rusty Photo-Negative Mickey
  • Rusty Oswald
  • Rusty Face
  • Rusty Suicide Mouse
  • Rusty Undying
  • Rusty Disembodied
  • Rusty Photo-Negative Minnie
  • Rusty Willy
  • Rusty Daisy
  • Rusty God
  • Rusty Ortensia
  • Rusty MickMick
  • Rusty Mickey
  • Rusty Pluto
  • Rusty PN MickMick
  • Rusty PN Ortensia
  • Rusty PN Oswald
  • Rusty True Mickey
  • Employee "M" Angel
  • Employee "R" Blue
  • Employee "D" White
  • Employee "I" Mouth
  • Employee "C" Red
  • Employee "G" White
  • Employee "D" Black
  • Employee "M" Black