After Treasure Island Is Burned You Wake In A Unknown Place, And It Was A Second Treasure Island And You Realize Theres 2 Treasure Island In Here, You Need Survive To Leave This Place


  • jack o mickey
  • the classic
  • the one
  • greyscale ortensia
  • killer olaf
  • jake
  • cactus kid
  • pluto
  • the beak
  • the sailor
  • dipper pines
  • mabel pines
  • the conjoined
  • unfinished mouse
  • photo ngative willy
  • the smile
  • greg


  • Cam 1=Staff Area
  • Cam 2=Storage Room
  • Cam 3=Treasure Island Graveyard
  • Cam 4=Character Prep 1
  • Cam 5=Character Prep 2
  • Cam 6=Character Prep 3
  • Cam 7=Bathroom
  • Cam 8=Meat Freezer
  • Cam 9=Break Room
  • Cam 10=Basement
  • Cam 11=Show Stage
  • Cam 12=Depths


You can close one door only, in middle, but the power is limit, you can turn off power, you can shut camera, you can also hide in table, you must wind up jack o mickey music box

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