Flesh Face is a fan-made antagonist in Abandoned Discovery Island.


Flesh Face looks similar to his normal counterpart, except that he has different eyesockets, the left one seems to be melted, the right one is widened, with blood coming from his eyesocket, and he is made of flesh, with right hand missing. Also he lacks his ears, nose and has his wide mouth.


He starts on Caverns Entrance, peeking out from the hallway. Then he proceeds to come out from the hallway, and stare at camera. Then he moves to Lounge, and then to The Office. The player must hide under the desk to avoid him, or else he will jumpscare the player.


  • The design was inspired by Nightmare Face from Nightmare Before Disney.
  • The blood seems to be leaking from his body on promo, but not in game. It is unexplained why is that.
  • He is dangerous than The Face, since he can kill the player if they attempt to pull up the monitor.
  • He was planned to have a shade form, but this was scrapped.
  • His texture is darker, because he blends in the darkness, making him difficult to be seen.




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