Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia


this creature is nether a suit or toon but it's said to roam the forest of Phobetor's nightmarish world where anything can happen. He yearns for freedom but the forest will only let him leave if he kills Jake


forest thing has the head of Oswald and the body of Mickey he is very green with some dirt brown highlights. His face is a wooden mask that looks like the face of Oswald he has many leaves on his body and he has many tree growths with one replacing his right ear. He does have gloves but they are covered in so many weeds and leaves you could just say he has no gloves at all, and also he has a bush for a tail

He also has a pal called "The cursed" who looks like a demonic version of the youtuber Shadowstarr who will only appear in the vent and you need to shut the vent door to get rid of her


forest thing is the easiest character to get rid of just hide like you would do with The Dreaded Fear but he is the most aggressive to to him wanting freedom from the forest

Audio cue: wood breaking

  1. forest: he first begins in the forest where he is seen coming out of the shrubbery on the woodland floor
  2. Destroyed character prep 01: he is coming out off a large hole in the wall whilst a fear toon of Donald stares at him
  3. ruined staff area: he is seen dangling on the ceiling waving at the player
  4. crumbling meat freezer: he is seen holding a human hand
  5. office he is seen pushing the meat freezer doors open

you must hide under the desk to get rid of him, despite he knows your under the desk he will leave cuz he does suffer from hallucinations and thinks your not real and just his imagination. but if you don't neglect to hide he will get suspicious and check to make sure.

Shade Appearance

he still looks like his old self but he resembles a dead tree and he is missing his mask revealing a bloody torn apart face you must flash him to scare him off


he does not really have any actual quotes but if you say his mumbling to himself counts well.... you can count them