Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

Forgotten is a mysterious being and an antagonist in Abandoned: Discovery Island.


He appears to be a half normal Mickey suit with dust and the other half being a black silhouette with a small, red pupil.


Forgotten appears on his own night called "Forgotten night". He appears on random cameras from anywhere. In his night, only he is active. the player must watch him. At 3 AM, he disables all the cameras so the player must listen to his demonic garbles. When in the office, the player must shut off the power. However, the power can't get turn back on because Forgotten prevented it from happening. The player must shine their flashlight at him if he's on the left or right. If in front, the player must hide. If the player beats the night, Forgotten will scream "NOOOO" then will say that you beat him. He will then say of why he wanted to kill Jake is because he does not know what he is or why he is here. He has no memory of this place. He wants to take over it. Jake then said if he wants to entertain. But he said that he is not an actual suit, but a mysterious being trying to take form of a normal Mickey suit but fails. He then later befriended Jake and then says goodbye, then, he leaves. His jumpscare consist of a screen with Forgotten with human eyes staring at you in front of your face with a loud, demon scream.


He appears on any camera and will eventually go to the office, like Corruptus.


  • Forgotten will rarely appear in the office at any night. The player must pull up the monitor to get rid of him.
  • He appears to not be a suit at all, but an unknown being. Most likely a demon like True Mickey.
  • Forgotten appears in the main menu for a split second replacing Photo Negative Mickey if the player beats all the nights. If you click on him, then you can start the night.
  • His Demon garbles mostly reveals he is a demon.
  • He could actually symbolize the island because of it being abandoned and no memory of what happened.
  • He might be from another dimension like True Mickey.
  • He is probably as dangerous as True Mickey.
  • True Mickey and Forgotten might have a connection to each other.