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"Hold It Right There"
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Many Abandoned resorts.....many broken dreams..many with them...


He seems to be MickMick, but with a Distorted look. He's really Withered, He's Missing his left foot, right hand, and seems to have many holes in his head and chest. His head is Distorted and his right ear is slightly damaged, and he has only one eye, that is slightly distorted. He's also covered in Dust. He's also the secondary Antagonist in Five Nights At Treasure Island: Broken Dreams.


Forgotten Mickmick starts in the storage room, laying in the floor, then he will appear Standing up, and then he will go to the Cam 1. Then, he will go to the Meat Freezer, and finally the Office, since he skips the Cam 6. To get rid of him, Use the flashlight or Shut off a camera. Hiding doesn't work on him at all.


Forgotten Mickmick's path through the Destroyed island is :

  • Storage Room
  • Cam 1
  • Meat Freezer
  • The Office


  • Forgotten Mickmick is the secondary Antagonist in Fnati : BD.
  • His Appearance is similar to ink-blot Mickmick from Fnati : NBD, this is because his base is actually ink-blot Mickmick.
  • He was originally created by Boredom, but now he's becoming a serious Character.
  • His name is because he's Mickmick after being abandoned in the island​ 30 years, that's also the reason of his damaged appearance.


Forgotten Mickmick Full body appearance.