Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia


The forgotten mouse is a suit of minnie mouse but the dress is green, and he's face looks like more than minnie mouse from the 1955, probably is a scrapped version from minnie or glitch version.


Looks like the Minnie Mouse from 1955 but the colors of her dress are green instead of red and obviously he looks really dirty her dress and her body.


She will start in character prep 1, but will only be un-seen until it has been activated. When it has been activated, it will be hung up like PN Minnie, and then go to the staff area, the meat freezer and finally the office. When Forgotten mouse enters the office the player has to hide under the desk of the opponents will result in a game over.

When moving, she speaks one of these quotes:

  • "why don't you save me".
  • "Why did you leave me".
  • "Agh, can you answer me".


  • His head is the same as that of jigsaw minnie from breaking the magic only with the green bun.
  • When he is in the preparation of characters 1, we do the same as PN Minnie: being hung.
  • When you invert the colors, her dress changes pink making you see that the suit is negative.
  • He's jumpscare is based on the jumpscare of laa laa in tubbyland return revamp.
  • He got 2 jumpscares the first when you don't hide under the desk, and the second one when you hide to late.
  • If you wondering yeah, forgotten mouse is based a little bit in jigsaw minnie.