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Freddie Freaker is a Fanmade Easter egg and Joke character in Abandoned: Discovery Island.


Him appearing at Discovery Island is due to Photo-Negative Mickey, He was watching 'Suicidemouse.avi', Until the Freddie Freaker ad popped up, so Photo-Negative Mickey Called 1-900-490-FREAK, Then he heard a knock coming from the Caverns Entrance, Then Freddie Freaker started causing chaos at Discovery Island, But one day, Freddie Freaker befriended all of the suits, And became one with the crew.


Freddie Freaker Looks like how he does in the 80s commercial and has no different look at all.


Freddie Freaker doesn't come from Discovery Island, that's why he starts outside of the building, then he goes to the Caverns Entrance, then the Lounge, then the Meat Freezer, and finally, the Office, then he will play the audio from his commercial, the player must hide under the desk to make him go away, if neglecting or failing, he will jumpscare the player.


  • He was created out of complete boredom.
  • Even though Freddie Freaker is not a Disney character, that's why I said he's a Joke character and Easter egg.
  • OneyPlays currently owns the real Freddie Freaker puppet.
  • The reason why he is always T-Posing is because his arms were left in that position, even though they were able to be Posed.
  • Freddie Freaker is actually a humanoid alien.