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their appearance of both are equal except that one has green shirt with a yellow line and the other has blue with two purple lines they have a pants as in the game undertale only that they are blue, the eyes of chara are red and those of frisk They are cafes obviously their appearance is friendly and not scary since it is a MikuMikuDance model.

Behaviour 1

1.Chara begins characters prep 2 together with Frisk she chara when she goes to attack you will take 10 seconds per camera which is the fastest character when you are in the office a heart that changes colors which you have to select a color correctly. a). When you touch the blue it will help you to make 5 characters deactivate for the rest of the night b). When you play the green the night will go faster but the characters will be much faster than normal and other characters with more difficult games will get faster to your office. c) when you play the orange you will change the playability of all the characters, for example you have to hide under the desktop of oswald pnmickey minnie or others that have nothing to do with their gameplay d) when you touch the black camera will be disabled and you can not turn off the cameras for 13 seconds. e) when you play the white one will cause 3 characters to help you in your night for 1 min.

Behaviour 2

2.Frisk starts with chara in characters prep 2 and when it is activated as chara it will take 10 seconds per camera when it is in the office you have to turn off the power making it go but when you turn off the power the other characters will go faster, if you do not turn off the power, it will block your view as puppet in Five night at freddy's 3 and apart the characters will change their gameplay, There will be many hallucinations she will be blocking for 30 seconds apart from deactivating the cameras for the same amount of seconds that blocks you making you lose easily.

When moving, he speaks one of these quotes:

"i'm losing my mind..."

"everybody is coming for you..."

"How many souls, demons and humanoids are here..."

"You don't want to die..."


Characters prep 2 ➝ Staff area ➝ Meat freezer ➝ Lounge ➝ The office


  • These two characters are the ones with the most games in Abandoned discovery island.
  • originally I would start in caverns entrance but I wanted to change it to Characters prep 2 which is where there are less good characters also in caverns entrance for it does not matter.
  • This is one of the many MMD models in Abandoned discovery island.
  • Chara iba a tener dialogos pero a final lo tuvo debido a que todos sus dialogos fueron pasados a frisk aun que uno que no fue agregado fue "your soul is mine"
  • the cry of the two characters is like the one of the genocidal route when, but distorted when chara tells you from (when you are in control)

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