"Hey! Jake? Jake it's me, rohn rotten ', you know me! Ok not. I have something to tell you, there is a hidden mickey suit that lacks its arms like every Oswald, he is... Kind of special to me, and kind of a jerk, too, if you see him under your desk, don't go under it, just don't!" ~ rohn rotten greg anderson frogtten hidden mickey is a Fan-Made Toon in Abandoned: Discovery Island 2.6


The suit was left behind til a soul came and took control of the suit. Another 20 years pass and it is very dusty. It was hideous so it hid somewhere in the Lounge 2.


Forgotten Hidden Mickey  is a Mickey with only one arm , an broken & rotten face and a sinister expression. He also has an half-broken button.

Behaviour (from Five Nights at Mickey's)

He starts in Warehouse before moving to Hallway , Lost Location , Backstage , Floor 3 , Office Entrance and the right door blind spot. Shut the door otherwise he will leap at you very fastly.

Behaviour (A:DI as Fan Made)

He starts in Lounge 2 before moving to the root , Meat Freezer , Lounge before appearing in the office. The player needs to shut off a camera otherwise he will leap at you.

Pirate Caverns

In Pirate Caverns constantly follow the player when ever the player is jumping to each room very fast (Making a lot of noise from running and luring him). Whenever he is in the room were the player is in he will appear in random spots on the screen demon. If the player is in the room with him for a thew seconds the player will get jumpscared and will get teleported to a random room and sometimes on a different floor. Along after that Phantom woody will teleport back to his starting location, which is different depending on the floor were the player is in.


"My stomach.....rumbles."

"The hells reject me....."

"Who disturbs the dead?"

"Who left me?"

"I felt like it."

"It's not over yet."

"It's time to die."

"I know your secrets."

Pirate Caverns (Quotes)


''The demon reject you.''


  • In the remake, he used to have no eyes
  • has got a angry ghost , who hidden didn't have by copyright-related issues.
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