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Fusion Mouse is a antagonist in Five Nights At Treasure Island


This character's behavior is almost the same as Corruptus but instead of glitching the cameras, he puts them in a static mode, after he's gone the player will get a hallucination of Bendy Prop's head and the words "Everyday is paradise with red bloody gore" in a red text. Then when he gets to your office, the player must hide for 5 seconds for him to go away. Failing to do so will get jumpscared and a 2.5% of the player's game to crash.


  • Fusion Mouse is based off Corruptus.
  • He appears as a Mickey suit that can change colors like a chameleon would.
  • His screech when doing the jumpscare is Corruptus's slowed down
  • The words "Everyday is paradise with red bloody gore" is based off the song "Flow the Ink" by Kyle Allen Music.