Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

"The truth doesn't always Prevail"


"GHOSTLY is one of the and Fan Made antagonist on A:DI"


He is a haunted Mickey Mouse suits indicated by his color transparent, he also has a blue colored eye.


He start on Staff Area and he has 4 Phase. He won't leave the Staff Area if you look at him in the Staff Area. If he leave you have to find him on the Camera to make sure that the Number on the left upper screen doesn't reach to "10" if it reach you die. You have to press "↓" to decrease the number(note that the number only visible when you found him in one of the your camera) he will back to the Staff Area after a while.


(Note:all of his quotes are used when he leaves Staff Area)

  • "The truth doesn't always prevail"
  • "You can't change the Past"
  • "My soul has Condemned into a Eternal Suffering"
  • "Happiness....They're all gone"
  • "Free us..."
  • "I just wanna to be Happy again"


  • Staff Area(4 Phase)
  • Any Camera


  • He is possibly a imprisoned soul.
  • He has unused quote "I can't hear anything"
  • He is not a Suits/Toon at all.
  • He is one of the character that has a Transparent body.
  • ...Hello?