G Disembodied

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G_Disembodied is an unofficial antagonist in Abandoned: Discovery Island.


G_Disembodied's appearance is based on Disembodied, except his eyes and beak are glowing, and he flashes too many colors very quickly. He also seems to glitch out easily, hence its style and name. G_Disembodied's colors are almost like a rainbow, but sears your eyes easier.


G_Disembodied starts in Night 6 and beyond. He will teleport on the desk, screaming in a distorted and glitchy version of Disembodied's scream. He will disable the cams to be shut off and speeds up Corruptus. The player must hide under the desk in 3 seconds. After hiding in 3 seconds, a distorted sound emits, similar to G_BB after the player seals the left vent if he's going.


He only appears in the Office.


  • He is non-hostile.
  • He is based on G_BB from Final Nights 2.
  • He is also known as Glitch Disembodied.
  • He seems to have a connection with Corruptus.
  • G_Disembodied is very dangerous and likely to be a hazard when looked directly. It is advised not to look at him when you have seizure/epilepsy problems.
  • G_Disembodied and Fusion Mouse are the only characters that change colors.
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