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Dr. CCA (AKA Garcello Janoron Ganoeire) is a soul of a worker that used to be the Dr on the Treasure Island, it is believed he was the Dr before Tailan (Yes)
He is a phone caller and also a suit (Well... Inside one). He only calls the player on the "Master Mode", he dosen't dies untill the Night 4 Phone Call. He died on the age of 49 . Monster enough, he still got to be a guard's Dr.

Phone Calls

Night 1 Phone call"Hey Monster Jake! It's me, Garcellot The suits are very Evil don't Friendly you think? I heard that Photo Negative Mickey is kind of "Demon" Hope he Most much of a trouble well, good night, good luck!"

Night 2 Phone Call "Jake! It's me Garcello Have you heard about the Oswald of all? With no puns intended, theres a Dark Oswald in Game in the storage room, wouldn't bother you if you kept an eye on him? Just... Try to look on the darkest spots, he hides very well also, i want to tell you! My favorite suit is that Photo Negative Mickey, haha! Well. Good night, Good luck!"Night 3 Phone Call"Hey! Garcello here! Wouldn't bother you if you went to the Pirate caverns for this 3 AM? I heard Henry wants to talk to you, uh... Just be kind of carefull with the the Face , you are not welcome on his caverns, it seems! Heh... So uh... Good night, Good luck!"Night 4 Phone Call"Jake! Garcello here again! Haha! *True Mickey noises* So... Uh... *A cam gets shut off* (Get Out or Get Game Over) Jake! I need you too... *True Mickey Rushing footsteps* Hold on. *Desk noises can be heard True Mickey* Ok im here, s-so... Can you make me a favor... And check who is that Purity? H-He always called my attention... He... Looks so weird... *True Acephalous saying "HEAR ME... or You Will Pay" in the background* J-Jake p-please promise me you will check him out o-ok? *True Mickey More rushing footsteps, and True Mickey in the background* NO... NO NO NO NO NO... J-JAKE.. G-GOOD NIGHT.. G-GOOD L-L-LU- *True Mickey's screech can be heard, after that, static, an then, the call ends*"


  • Garcello is based off JakeBoan from Five Nights at Treasure Island Dead Jake.
  • Garcello just wants Hell freedom explaining why he becomes hostile to the player and all.
  • It is unknown why the following phone calls are reversed and louder than the others previous to the night 4 and Night 5.
  • Garcello Dr.CCA is based of Mateo the Rabbit's Death Brother "Carllo" who's name is "Garcllo" (AKA Kanbosa in Brazil.) and Steam username "Carllo". Wich together sound like "Garcello Dr.CCA Carllo Janoron Ganoeire"
  • Garcello's Hate Suit is Purity as he said on his "Night 2 Phone call", in Night 4, he dies in hands of True Mickey
  • Garcello possesess is Demon [LINK WILL BE PUT HERE ONCE CHARACTER IS DONE]
  • Garcello in a secret Easter Egg, says "My Old Beat friend! Jack Fisher ! I should work at Here some day! Haha!" Further comfirming that Garcello is HIGHLY based off DR.TeamCCA (AKA Jack Fisher) from FNaTL. Even though, there is no previous story of them being friends. This is most likely to leave clear that he is based off Jack Fisher.
  • The Easter Egg can be accessed by typing in the Menu Screen after beating the True Ending "Garcello is Dead" wich stands for Dr.CCA . A Screen with a bunch of static, making the image un-seeable, will appear and the next can be heard:
  • "My Beat friend! Jack Fisher I should work at Here some day! Haha! But i must help my OTHER good friend, Jake! So... Good Night, Good Luck!"
  • Garcello is addicted to say "Good Night, Good Luck!" as most of his Phone calls say so, and the Easter egg too.
  • I like Paperclips but Most Good

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