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WARNING: This is a OC from Undead Mouse, this one belongs to the User:Photo Negative Mickey, all credits to him.Garry the Attack Helicopter or Garry is a fan-made abomination and an Easter Egg in Abandoned: Discovery Island. Not to be confused with Justin The Pencilsharper.


1876. A soldier called Garry was sended to the Kitten War. After a Helicopter Attack on the zone, Garry was highly damaged, then, it was sacrificed with a butter knife. Years ago, Treasure Island was builded in the same place that Garry's dead body was. Then, Garry was revived by Purity and she gave powers to her, and a mighty hand with super powers, and Garry traveled to Pirate Caverns, then, she found a suit, and she got inside it. Now, how Purity revived her, Purity sended Garry to kill Jake.


Garry looks like UnDead Mickey, but it has got shiny blue and red eyes, a mighty hand, and she's withered and earless.


Garry will only be active if the player completes the Infinite Night. After this, Garry will be shown in the Extras, if the player types in the keyboard: "1876", the player will be sended to the True True True Ending game.

Garry's behavior is similar to True Mickey, she will attack your SOUL. She will start in Staff Area, and will head to The Office or Broadcasting room. If Garry enters to The Office, the player needs to see: If Garry is in the background of The Office, the player must pick up his sniper rifle and no-scope her. But if Garry is in front of the desk, the player must shut off a camera or take a kitten and give it to her, causing a massive allergy.

While moving, she can say:

  • "Rest in pieces"
  • "You'll be bombed... Like me!"
  • "No kittens allowed"
  • "Mario the kitten is my worst enemy!"
  • "gagh"
  • "I'm a attack helicopter. Incoming!!!1!"

Warning: If she enters into the Broadcasting Room, the player must shut off the power; this will avoid that she calls a massive bombing on the island.


Garry has got two paths that she can do:

  1. Start in Staff Area, go to the Meat Freezer, Lounge and Office.
  2. Start in Staff Area, got to Character Prep 1 and Broadcasting Room.


  • She's based on True Mickey and Justin The Pencilsharper.
  • In the True True True ending, only Garry is active.
  • She's extremely allergic to the kittens.

More info and audio coming soon.