Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

Gascot is an antagonist in Abandoned: Discovery Island.


He appears to be a possessed human wearing a Mickey Mouse gas mask. He has blue jeans, a white t-shirt that says in blood writing " Happiest place on earth". He is also wearing brown shoes and also has white skin.


Gascot starts at Night 4 and starts in the broadcasting room. He walks around in a strange way and sometimes is seen with one hand outstretched in some cameras. The player must shut off the power or hide to make him go away or he will kill you. He says in a ghastly whisper: " Shut the door dear, you're letting out the cold", " The air.... it feels weird" " Where am I?", " Who are you?" " Come join us", and " The blood... it feels good".


Gascot starts at the Broadcasting room and then will go to character prep 1, staff area, meat freezer, and then the office.


  • It's unknown how he got here considering he is in another place. Hence is quote " Where am I?"
  • Most of his quotes have interesting meanings. " The air... it feels weird" indicates that he is not to use to normal air rather than gas. " The blood.... it feels good" means that he must of felt the suits blood and likes it"
  • Gascot's real name is unknown.
  • The blood writing came from when he killed a person and smothered it on his T-shirt writing the sentence.
  • Gascot is another enemy to appear in Broadcasting room.


  • Where am i?
  • The air... it feels weird.
  • The blood... it feels good.