Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

"...Oh, and by the way, uh, there's this Bomb Shelter under the island, and... heh heh... you see, there's this hazmat sort of Mickey suit in there, I'm absolutely positive he won't come out, but hypothetically speaking, if he did, it'd be important that you hide in the dark..." - Greg


Gascot Mickey is a fan-made antagonist in Abandoned: Discovery Island


Gascot Mickey, or just GM for short, looks like a normal Mickey Mouse suit, except he has red pants with round buttons, a black coat with a white under shirt, along with a yellow bowtie, and black shoes. Except, he has round, glass eyes, with a mouth that is slightly larger, with a gas mask tube sticking out. When Gascot Mickey talks, it sounds like an actual grown human male talking through a gas mask.


Gascot Mickey starts in the off camera Bomb Shelter on Night 4, then comes out of a hidden cellar door in the Storage Room. He will then proceed to the Staff Area, Meat Freezer, then into the Office. The player must hide while the power is off for him to leave.


When moving, he will sometimes say one of the following:

  • "Don't be scared..."
  • "Just hold my hand..."
  • "...it'll all be over soon..."
  • "It'll be okay, I promise..."
  • "I wouldn't let anything happen to you..."


When in Shade form, Gascot Mickey gains glowing green eyes, instead of yellow, and emits a green gas. He also gains a Bear Trap attached to his right arm. All of Gascot Mickey's quotes become intelligible grunts. Gacot Mickey's Shade is based on the Ghost Harvesters, from Fallout: New Vegas.


  • If Gascot Mickey enters the Office while the power is on, the player must turn it off, then hide for him to leave.
  • Gascot Mickey is relatively easy to see when on camera, as his eyes glow yellow.
  • When Gascot Mickey jumpscares the player, he doesn't seem to actually attack the player, but rather approach them. Similar to Springtrap.
  • Sometimes very rarely when dying by any toon/suit, the player will be met with a death screen of Gascot Mickey removing his head/mask, to reveal a mummified head underneath, this lasts around 10 seconds, while this is playing, a garbled noise plays.
    • This garbled noise is actually Gascot Mickey saying "Close the door dear, you'll let the cold out" reversed, slowed down, with additional distorting.
  • Gascot Mickey is based on the Gascots from the creepypasta, Room Zero.
  • Gascot Mickey's real name is unknown, along with how he died.