Gasmare Goofcot

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Gasmare Goofcot is a nightmare version of Goofcot and an antagonist in Abandoned: Discovery Island.


He appears in " Gasmare night" where all the Gascots turn into the terrors known as " Gasmares"


He appears to resemble his normal self. Except he is bigger than any other Gascot. His right hand has turn into a giant bloodstained drill. His gas mask nozzle appears to be long and has mutliple rows of teeth as if it was a vacuum. His mask eyes also are removed revealing bloodshot eyes. He does not carry a sharp rake.


He starts at Gasmare night in the Gascot room. He movement pattern is the same as his normal self. When in the office, the player must hit a button that turns off the gas or else he will kill them.


Gasmare Goofcot starts at Gascot room, then to Janitor closet, Bathroom, Staff area, Meat Freezer, then the office.


His appearance is based on Big daddy from Bioshock.

Similar to Trapcot's and Toxald's gasmare forms, he is more of a humanoid than a human.

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