Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

Gasmare Toxald is a nightmare version of Toxald and an antagonist in Abandoned: Discovery Island.


He appears on a secret night called " Gasmare night". Him and the other gascots turn into terrors known as " Gasmares".


He resembles his normal form except he has multiple Bloodshot red eyes covering both of the Donald head suit sockets. He also has long, sharp front fangs on the top of the Donald head beak. He also as blood on both of his hands. He still has green slime covering him. But the slime is now a dark green color and is more deadly. His left has now turned into a Spike.


He starts at Gasmare night in the Gascot room. His movement pattern is like his normal counterpart. There is no generator during this night as the whole building is covered in gas. When in the office, the player must use a button that turns off the gas and drives him away or he will kill them.


He starts at Gascot room then goes to Janitor Closet, Bathroom, Staff Area, Meat Freezer, then office.


Similar to Gasmare Trapcot, he is more of a humanoid than a human in this form.

The slime appears to be more deadlier than its normal self.

Originally, he was going to have spikes in the suit head's socket and only have his bloodshot red eyes, but this was changed.