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Gasmare Trapcot is a nightmare version of Trapcot and an antagonist in Abandoned Discovery Island.


Gasmare Trapcot starts on a secret night called " Gasmare Night" Jake is trapped inside a nightmare where all Gascots turn to the terrors known as " Gasmares" and all the places in the building are covered in gas and the suits appear to be dismantled and freaky looking thanks to the gas. Now Jake has to survive against the Gasmares and the gas suits.


He appears to resemble his normal self, except his bear trap jaw is slightly more sharper than usual and he converts into a smile. He also has a second set of teeth inside near his throat which are canine like teeth. His hands also turns into bear traps. His mask eyes are cut off revealing bloodshot red eyes. He appears to have more blood on his shirt and also has blood on his pants.


He starts on Gasmare Night in the Gascot room. There is no generator on this night. The player has a normal gas mask on this night. The player must check on the monitor. When Gasmare Trapcot is in the office, the player must press a button that creates normal air which scares him off. Failing to do it ends up in the player dying.


He starts at Gascot Room. Then goes to janitor Closet, Bathroom, Staff Area, Meat Freezer, then the Office.


He was Originator's first Gasmare character.

Gasmare stands for " Gas" and "nightmare"

He and the other Gascots being greatly affected by the gas caused them to become Gasmares.

Due to his appearance, he is now more of a humanoid then a human.