Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

Gavin Bohen is one of the SSA members.


Gavin is a 27 year old man who likes paranormal stuff when he was a kid, he always wanted to become a paranormal detector, until his father told him to get a job as an agent. When his father died, he was free to go and decided to work at the SSA. The SSA told him that he's hired as an agent Guard to check out the place to see any murders, incidents, and other member like Jake.


He appears to have brown, short hair, blue eyes, wears a ballistic vest and SSA clothing underneath, and carry's and MP5 just in case anything happens.


Gavin does not appear in-game, but if you typed in " Gavin" on the main menu before you start the beginning of the game, on night 1 instead of Greg calling you, Gavin will call you. He says this:

" Hello Jake? This is Gavin Bohen, one of the higher ranked guards and I am here to inform you because well... Greg and Lisa are busy right now so yeah. So anyways, our old guard Henry has been missing inside Pirates Cavern so we hired you instead. All we want is some data about this haunted place and if anything goes wrong, i'll be here to help. My job is to keep a track on guards like you so you don't end up doing retarded things like going into places you shouldn't be going. So anyways if you want to end the phone call, that's fine because i'm sure you won't need me to tell you about the Photo Negative Mickey " suit". So anyways, he's this Photo Negative Mickey.... thing and when I first got here, he asked me " Wanna see my head come off?" Well.... I did see it, I puked, then ran away. So anyways to deal with him... shut off a camera... yup that's it. No fighting, shooting, not even running or hiding, but just.... shut off a camera, I swear, that thing must of been really stupid to fall for a camera when he's in the office. But anyways... that's all for today, I hope you enjoy our conversation and hope you survive the first night, so good luck Jake, Gavin signing off"

If you go into the extras, you will see the name " Gavin's calls" and it gives you the list of calls from him.


"Call about Photo Negative Mickey"

" Hi Jake, it's me Gavin, what do you want to know? oh... the Photo Negative Mickey creature right... well hope you listened to me about the call. And also remember that story about the Photo Negative Mickey costume? Well I forgot one thing, that mouse never shuts up! Like when I got here, all I hear is " Wanna see my head come off?", " Hey", "Hey", "Hey" " Wanna see my head come off", and so forth! I got so annoyed that I went back to the SSA organization because I can't stand hearing the same things over and over again, it makes me want to just take my head off! I mean, I feel sorry for you having to work here and hear the same thing over and over again, well hey, that's your job, not mine. Anyways, Gavin out!"



He appears to be the only SSA member in the game to call you if you type in a code.

He might appear in the game, but it's unknown when and how.