Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

Ghastcor is an antagonist in Abandoned: Discovery Island


Ghastcor is a Mickey suit but his face is blood red, his body is brown, his pants are green, buttons are Red white, and his shoes and gloves are pink. He lacks eyes and his sockets release smoke.


Ghastcor starts in the Ritual Room that your cams can access on the Ritual Nights. He will choose a random route to the office.

His Phrases include:

"Unbeknownst the ritual, you're in the verge of dying"

"Your soul will be in my collection..."

"You'll suffer..."

"I reign supreme!"

His jumpscare consists of his head on the player's screen twitching while making a sound similar to Disembodied's scream


  • When he claims that the player's soul will be in his collection, he could mean that he also has the other suits' souls which is why they aren't active in the Ritual Nights.