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Ghost Mouse is a hostile easter egg in Abandoned: Discovery Island


He is one of the few easter eggs who actually kill the player.


Ghost Mouse is a bright white suit, ressemblant to his Mickey Counter part, except he has cracked eye sockets, and one cracked left ear. He always flails his arms around, like a ghost, where he got his nickname from.

However, when in the office, he will be switching to his photo negative counter part into a dark color. Representing a shadow..



Ghost Mouse is again, an easter egg. So it rarely appears, but when it does, it appears right in front of the storage room, blocking the player from seeing Oswald. Then, after the player pulls down the camera, they will see Ghost Mouse, for a whole 10 seconds. Before there will be a still screen of Ghost Mouse, smiling at the player with human teeth, and human eyes. The game will then crash.