Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

The ghost room is empty room in Five nights at treasure island.


It is nothing but a empty room with very old rust dirty interior.

The only that is in the room is a white mask lying down on the floor.


The ghost room is a room that is used for spirits. The spirits are all the people that died on discovery island including the mascot suits, henry, A demon which is true mickey.

Mostly the room is quiet and empty and most of the spirits are already haunting bodies within the island.

Before presiding to enter this room the player must make sure that they have all the requirements.

  1. The player must befriend all of the suits.
  2. The player must enter floor 3 already and meet henry.

To enter this room the player must complete night 6 and go to the pirate caverns then the player must go to floor 3 and go right. When the player enters the room with herny in it, he will give a the player a ghost key. After the player gets the key the player must go back down to the first floor and exit through the elevator.

When the player exits pirate caverns the player will automatically be transported to the ghost room due to the key having magical powers.

If the player has not befriended all the suits and enters the ghost room the player will be jumpscared by the remaining characters that were not befriended in a random choice.

If the player has not meet henry yet he won't be in the room.


  • Purity used this room as a cell to lock away all the spirits in the discovery island to not let anyone escape.
  • It is unknown were this room is located.
  • This room appears to have no doors.