Ghost girl


she has the same apperanceas slendytubbies 2d exept now she holds a hammer that has bood on it

and now has blood stains on her dress


sometimes one off the broadcasting romms tvs will turn on and show a picture off a 2d looking abandond school she will thene float out after she can be seen walking into rooms were suits are and getting theme to follow her she only gose to rooms were suits start once she has got every suit up she will walk to your office were a new machinice comes in you have to hoapundying appears in the doorway to the meat frezzer and run over to him as she will see and the suits will run as she vanishes now she will walk around the building but she will walk to the room she started and pick her hammer up and now run to the office you have to hide and she leaves

night 6:she's not alone

to get this ending you must befriend all the other tubbys befor her this consists by these steps

on night 1 at 5 am look for a purse and wait for 6 am tinkey winkey will come collect it repeat this for night 2 with a hat night 3 with a yellow bouncey ball and night 4 a scotter and helmet tinkey winkey will collect theme aswelll and tell the shadow tubby who s=is there leader as he tells the others t not kill you but she dosnt like it on night 6 die to corruptus if you have done these steps correctly thene you will be able to walk around the building as a ghost go to pirates caverns 3rd floor and she will see you jake will explain what happened as a pictues showing with the ssas boat driving off as the tubbys re seen on it as jakes ghost and the ghost girl are seen flying behind the boat


the 2d school that appears on the tv she comes out off is a refrence to the map shes located in in slendytubbies 2d

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